For 15 years, Genthial chose 2D laser cutting for cutting the raw material prior to spinning. To meet all its needs, Genthial opted for a machine with optical fibers. With the addition of a loading and unloading of the raw material, this new technology is very competitive for the production of parts with many cuts especially in small thicknesses.

To meet the needs of its customers, small and medium series and parts are becoming more accurate, Genthial invested in 2009 in a 3D laser cutting. This technical choice alloys to Genthial to offer its customers the ability to make cuts of shapes, holes with great accuracy without the completion of tooling.

By its programming speed and flexibility, this technical solution allows to make changes at lower cost.

Our equipment

  • Laser cutting fiber 2D power 3000 W with table 1500x3000 and automatic loading and unloading
  • Laser cutting 3D power 2500 W with table 1250x1250